Solo Exhibits

Niila Myaamia – Holly Buchanan

Location: CDI Lobby

This work blends storytelling with personal reflection. The heavy Miami crane blanket represents a sense of responsibility to carry on aspects of the culture as a young member of the Miami Nation of Indians. Empowerment and uncertainties emerge through facial expression, pose, and the two cranes crying out on the left and right canvases. Overall, the figure (myself), makes direct eye contact with the viewer, asserting the continued existence and persistence of the Miami people in Indiana. 

East College in the Morning – Lavinia Hale

Location: GCPA Great Hall

Painted en plein air, East College in the Morning was executed on a brisk spring morning in 2020 capturing the early light advancing across the iconic towers. Oil on Panel 12″ x 16″.

pencils in use – Sarah Hinchman

Location: Asbury Hall (1st floor)

“pencils in use” is a collection of artworks representing both myself and the majesty of the world around me.

Public Art In The United States By Black Artists (1980’s – Present) – Anthony Treadaway

Location: Julian (outside yard sign)

Over the course of my thesis research I have been teaching myself about public art created by Black artists. Throughout my personal experience with public art in three different cities growing up rarely did I see works created by people who look like me. The purpose of this project is to teach myself about the importance of these Black artists. The overarching research interrogates themes like politics of representation and the importance of community within public art created by Black artists.

Visit the Website Here!

Scene One – Hannah Buchanan

Location: GCPA Great Hall (outside of Moore Theater)

This painting depicts a world of portals that encourages exploration and imagination. With warped architecture and exaggerated perspective, the space’s oddness sets itself up as an unexplained movie stage for a film that doesn’t exist. This interior scene walks the line between dreamscape and reality, inviting viewers to invent their own storyline.

In Fragments – Elena Collins

Location: East College (rooms 008, 020, 106, 115)

This collection of rooms displays varying modes of interactivity and explores the personal aesthetic and intellectual interests of the creator, Elena Collins. This curation project is a part of her Honor Scholar senior thesis and explores her own artistry as well as the philosophies of Friedrich Nietzsche, the writings of Virginia Woolf and Franz Kafka, and others. On Friday April 29th at 9 pm, you can join her for a guided tour through the rooms (meet at the south doors). The tour will end with some free musical improvisation, so bring your instrument(s)! Otherwise the exhibits and their music, poetry, and readings will be left up all weekend for visitors to explore.

the passing of one – Vo Tran Dong Nghi

Location: East College (outside yard sign)

This poem is a collection of random thoughts on the existence of humans in nature.

“the passing of one”

—I decenter myself from all
to question, and to celebrate
my stand as a human being
to understand the seeds of life
and to savor its luscious fruits
this moribund’s consciousness flickers
every realm then starts to blur
feel gentle breezes caressing skin
twilight’s last drops dancing on lashes
musky moist earth infusing lungs
bitter green grass flavoring lips
flesh shall perish, yet linger still
I shall go off, but I stay here
right beside ones, right inside one
countless atoms nurture the world
need I human, or I be ‘else
to stay afloat the waves of time?
—as I
and you
and us
and all
have long embraced nature wholly

Till Death Do Us Part – Teresa Shunk

Location: Theta Gardens behind the GCPA (yard sign)

Trigger Warning: This play contains adult themes of domestic and sexual abuse.

“Till Death Do Us Part” is about a Christian woman struggling to keep her broken family together until she finds it impossible.

Read the script to the play Here.

From the Perspective of an African Diasporic Assumed Femme – Wema Wachira

My name is Wema Wachira. I am an Aries sun, Aries Moon and Libra Rising for those who are attune to astrology. My Myer Briggs personality is INFP. I am originally from Nairobi, Kenya, but have lived around the world since 2012. Some of these places include: Georgetown, Guyana; Maseru, Lesotho; Asmara, Eritrea, Hudson/Amherst, Ohio; Greencastle, Indiana. I have also traveled to and visited many other countries in the process of transition. Having left the country of my birth and citizenship at age 12, I have always had the desire to capture moments in time, whether it be of places I have been to, people I have interacted with, or through self-portraiture and sharing personal narratives.

Visit my website to explore my self-portraiture and environmental photography from the perspective of a Queer, African Diasporic, Assumed Femme.

Resonant Outcry – Io Hernandez-Rivera

Location: Academic Quad (Yard sign)

Resonant Outcry is an interactive website that is meant to highlight the sounds of protest music across the country. You many explore our website to see the map, learn how to make a protest song yourself, or make a submission to make our collective map even larger!

Visit the website!

The Greyscales of Greencastle – Rachel Schmitt

Location: UB Living Room

This collection is composed of photos taken from downtown Greencastle and the surrounding areas including DePauw University’s Campus. All photos are in black and white in an effort to showcase the beauty of Greencastle without focusing on the color.

“I couldn’t help but wonder…” – Kate Grimm

Location: Outside office 1026

Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda are made out of red, white, pink, and black felt. Come see them for yourself…

Woodblock Printing Demonstration and Art – M.Rees

Location: Stewart plaza (rain location: UB lobby)

Come and visit M.Rees out in Stewart plaza during the weekend where he will be demonstrating woodblock printing!

Visit his website to see more!

Images from Putnam and surrounding Indiana counties – John Lobban

Location: UB Living Room

Come see photographs of Putnam county, nature, local scenes, and events at the UB living room!