Group Exhibits

The Museum Capstone Class and the Junk Art and Activism Class

Location: Ullem Campus Farms (Friday 12:30 pm to 9 pm)

The 2022 Museum Capstone Class is a group of five senior students examining museum and collection practices under the guidance of the Peeler Gallery Director, Margaret Leininger: Ian Brundige, Holly Buchanan, Alyssa Flory, Sophie Mosley and Brenna Milligan.

The “Museum of Pandemic Aged Objects” is a collaborative and interactive exhibit that reconsiders exhibition making and formats, focused on different modes of collecting and valuing objects. The exhibition explores mundane objects with personal value, student collections, junk art, collections from alumni donors, and objects as memory.

Professor Adam Liebman’s “Junk Art and Activism” course builds on a growing tradition of junk art/activism at DePauw. The course guides students to think critically about waste, pollution, and environmental injustice as well as to get their hands dirty collecting waste and creating art. For the purposes of the class, junk art is loosely defined as visual compositions that incorporate rejected, expelled, discarded, or otherwise devalued objects. This classes’ exhibit is a subset of the Museum Capstone classes’ exhibit.

DePauw Theater Costume Display – Ivy Sedam, Jenna Reynolds, and Mya Wood

Location: Outside of Kresge in the GCPA

These costumes represent a huge amount of work done over the course of the last few semesters here at DePauw by the costume shop crew. Shows are student designed and supervised by Caroline Good. The costume shop crew includes Emma von Werder, Ivy Sedam, Jenna Reynolds and Mya Wood. Costumes are student designs from recent shows displayed on dress forms that are used in the building process as well.

Eight Memories in Watercolor: In Watercolor – Teresa Shunk and Zoe Kolosci

Location: Outside of Thompson in the GCPA (Live performance on Saturday the 30th at 1:30 PM)

Teresa Shunk and Zoe Kolosci have collaborated to bring Tan Dun’s Eight Memories in Watercolor to life through both music and visual art.

Zoe Kolosci is a freshman here at DePauw. She has been painting with water colors for many years and recently became more serious with her art. She loved this opportunity to create art that is inspired by musical pieces. Zoe looks forward to future opportunities like this. Teresa Shunk is a junior music education major at DePauw. She’s been playing piano for 15 years, and is excited to present this multimedia collaborative work.

Spring Flowers – Jessie McKean and Donna McKean

Location: Pulliam Center (main lobby)

This local mother/daughter quilting duo have created a quilt by each doing their take on 6 quilt blocks for a 12 block hanging quilt. They selected the blocks and the fabric colors to be used and then kept their progress a secret until they pieced the blocks together. Come see the finished product!

Beauty to You – The DePauw Arts and Crafts Club

Location: GCPA Great Hall

This artwork was created by the Depauw Arts and Crafts club founded by Chi Nguyen and Eihi Yoshinaga in 2021. The piece represents the diverse ideas of beauty. We selected the theme “beauty” and had each club member create pieces that they found would fit in with the theme. The artworks were made using various mediums including colored pencils, acrylic paint, markers, photo collages, and more. We combined all the creations onto one canvas to represent the diverse perspectives of beauty.

Artists: Abigail Fathauer, Mikah Mayse, Jade Tatom, Eihi Yoshinaga, Mary Lomahan, Jasmine Weddle, Kaysel Ho, Nghi Vo Tran, Chi Nguyen, Tatsuki Kato, Sophie Bartos, and Joey Ngo

Geowalk – Hannah Buchanan, Geo Club, Professor Tim Cope, Geoscience students

Location: Burkhardt Walk

This exhibit is a scaled geologic timeline. Geoscience students and Professor Tim Cope measured and converted the timescale, researched geologic events for the QR code links, and determined which events to add to the timeline. Hannah Buchanan created the artwork for the signage of each event. Come walk the timeline by heading south down Burkhardt walk!