Art Walk 2021 Exhibits

Photo by Mallory Bowman

The Witch of the Woods

By Victoria de Dios

The Witch of the Woods is a photo series following a witch, modeled by Juliette Flowers, indulging in the magic of nature. The photos are taken with a Canon EOS 800d but through practical effects as well as editing capture the dreamscape aesthetic of film photography.”

Line Art

By Kirsten Lordland

Tao Te Ching CH. 15

By Genevieve Miedema

Performed by Kayleigh Butcher

“This composition for Mezzo-Soprano was written in the Fall semester of the 2020-2021 school year. It was composed for Kayleigh Butcher, Mezzo-Soprano of the Quince vocal ensemble, in collaboration with the composition class. This piece was inspired by my reading of the Tao Te Ching for religious studies courses. I always felt that reading the Tao Te Ching was quite a musical experience because it has such a nice flow to it in its poetic nature.”

Mural Paintings

By Amy Welch

“Amy Welch has installed 5 public murals throughout Greencastle, and 4 are easily accessible to the public. They are: ‘Greencastle Blossoms’ on the side of the former Eitel’s building, now Silver Bells Flower Shop, ‘Star Light Barn Quilts’ behind Mark Hammer’s accounting building, ‘Read. Think. Create.’ above the circulation desk at the Greencastle Public library, ‘God’s Door’s’ on the north lawn of Gobin Church, ‘Kindness’ at TZ Intermediate School, and ‘Butterfly Fields’ in the west wing of Gobin Church. All are accessible from DePauw’s campus by walking with the exception of ‘Kindness’ at TZ school.”


By Dan Solberg

“Videogames have an equally intimate and estranged relationship with touch; physical interaction via screen or controller is the key driver of gameplay, but several forms of distance still separate players from in-game actions. “Mirrors” was recorded within a game where the player character uses parkour to traverse the rooftops of a futuristic city, and often involves the character bringing her hands into frame and placing them on walls and other surfaces to provide stability. This video contains a series of vignettes that examine the sensation of virtualized touch within this environment. It was coincidence that I started playing this game and making these recordings during the COVID-19 pandemic, but the more I dug in, the more these oddly vacant, sterile virtual spaces that convey touch through several layers of approximation felt prescient.”

Solivigant (Wandering Traveler)

By Cal Plett

“Solivagant, meaning wandering traveler is a piece about the experience of exploring a cave. This piece documents the subsequent experiences and feelings an individual has while entering a cave. The first theme can be heard as you enter the mouth of the cave—hesitant, dark and intriguing. As you go farther and deeper down in the cave, the music shifts into darker and ominous chords. In the mid-section, it shifts into a happier tune, as beams of light drift from cracks in the tall cave, but that section abruptly ends as you encounter the deeper parts of the cave, and in one moment one can hear falling rocks down passages. The piece then falls into deep echoing dissonant clusters of notes, and small, quiet echoes of the cave that are unidentifiable. Soon, the explorer finds their way out of the cave, as the piece shifts back through it’s previous themes until reaching the exit, back into the light. Still mysterious, the echo of the cave can still be heard, fading away.”

Handel’s Hornpipe

By Anna Tessman and Peyton Sharp

“We decided to play the Hornpipe movement from Handel’s Water Music Suite because of its upbeat and regal feeling. With the melodic singing of the violin and the deep timbre of the cello creating simple, yet beautiful harmony, the Hornpipe is a song that represents celebration and spring. During times of the unknown, Handel’s Hornpipe can bring light to darkness, creating a light at the end of the tunnel.”

Heiligenstadt Testament

By Katherine Dobbs

“This SATB choral work utilizes the English translated text from the Heiligenstadt Testament, written by Beethoven. This letter that the text comes from was intended to be sent to his brothers, but he never sent it and it was eventually found after his death. Each vocal line represents a different part of Beethoven’s thought process and personality.”

Faure’s En Sourdine

Performed by Fran Wycoff

Rachmaninov’s The Lilacs

Performed by Fran Wycoff


By Emma Rees

“This magazine is the bulk of a Honor Scholar Senior Thesis that raises issues and encourages the conversation about sexual violence. April is Sexual Assault Awareness month. Using a creative format of a magazine that includes poems, paintings, and more this project aims to discuss sexual violence through personal stories and what it means to recover and find closure.”

21st Century Scholar

By Sam Kpedi

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You: The End of the Crop Cycle

By Ian Brundige

“‘Thank You, Thank You, Thank You: The End of the Crop Cycle’ is constructed out of Brundige’s recyclables from the Campus C-Store. It includes 292 plastic bags, along with the following: water bottles, Pure Leaf tea bottles, Schweppes ginger ale bottles, Naked smoothie bottles, Mountain Dew Kickstart cans, Starbucks cold brew glasses, and grapefruit Bubly soda cans. Bottles and cans are contained within the bags to represent seedlings in the ground. The bags are placed in rows to mimic the farm’s crop rows, calling attention to packaging’s role in the food production cycle.”

Self Reflection

By Holly Buchanan

“As an artist and trombonist, I often incorporate musical elements into my works. With such paintings, I seek to acknowledge the power of the arts by making connections between art and music as forms of expression and introspective tools. In Self-Reflection, I hone in on details such as reflections in brass and the concentrated expression of a musician. However, reflection goes beyond the mirrored image: it also appears in another way, as my works “reflect” various moods, internal conflicts, and immersion. This addresses the conflict within myself between attempting to achieve unattainable perfection in an art form and learning to be content with the outcome, no matter how it turns out.”

8,236 X’s

By Kate Grimm

“If you can read the future, you can read the past, for they are but ends of the same thread” —Karen Maitland, Company of Liars

On March 13, 2020 I made one final trip to Jo-Ann Fabrics before spending 6 months in total isolation. I bought 6 skeins of DMC C3799, a jar of thread conditioner, and a pack of Milk Duds. The Milk Duds were gone in 2 hours, but the thread and conditioner lasted a year. On April 2, 2021 I got the COVID-19 vaccine and finished this creation. As a libra, I absolutely adore the balance of this.

This piece was created using cross-stitch embroidery which is the oldest form of embroidery known to mankind and dates back to the medieval period. It is a tedious process that requires a steady hand, ample light, and an enormous amount of free time. 8,236 X’s took over 50 hours to complete and is considered a small scale project in the cutthroat world of cross stitch.”


By Xingyi Wang

“It is a series to draw student recitals and concerts I attended. I started it last year and wanted to draw every student recital I would go, but this plan was paused by the quarantine. Fortunately, the situation is better than before, so I can attend live concerts again and draw musicians when they are performing. The Trio is the only recital I didn’t go to. It is a photo from the school’s page, and I was inspired by the passion, facial expression, and body language among these three brilliant musician faculties. I super enjoy drawing musicians, and it is also the best way for me to record the memory I have in a concert.”

Forest Landscape

By Hannah Buchanan

Forest Landscape is one work in a series of landscapes in which I focus on world-building, spirituality, and creation. This work explores an emotional and spiritual attachment to my surroundings and how that connection to the land can be reflected through color and brushwork. Landscapes increase my sensitivity to the earth and bring a greater understanding of my impact on the world around me.”

Various Cartoons

By Sarah Hennessey

The Bad Thing

By Anonymous

“The title of the work is ‘The Bad Thing,’ and it’s about different periods of objectification and sexual assault the speaker has gone through over the course of her life, and the lack of support she’s received from those closest to her.”


By Levi Stewart and Aaron Sandel

“This work is an original composition co-written by Aaron Sandel and Levi Stewart. This may be the only work written for two musicians and one saxophone, and provides unique challenges for each performer in every element of the music. Any slight difference in timing or disagreement in style will put the two musicians at odds, and cause the work to fall apart. Joining the two collaborators is Luke Blackley, who will fill in the time and space on drumset with tight accompaniment. This piece doesn’t hold back, making use of funky rhythms, growling, and harmonics to make each performance something memorable.”

Hide Away

By Teresa Shunk

“‘Hide Away’ is a comprovisation (partly composed, partly improvised) by Teresa Shunk that reflects on the isolation brought into the world by the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Launch Day

By Ben Hogan


By Justin Brown

Performed by Molly Murphy and Steve Snyder

“Paces was inspired by my thought process in the shower, where my brain is left to its own devices and tends to wander, from trying to organize my thoughts to just singing. The speaker is left only with their stressed out thoughts and a feeling of dread looming overhead in the form of a laundry list of tasks to finish. The title is derived from the nervous energy of the speaker’s thoughts combined with the signature foot tapping and use of the jazz standard “Footprints”, which both center around the idea of one’s feet.”


Performed by Justin Brown

“This song was first recorded by Chris Potter for his 2019 album, Circuits. As a jazz invocation, it includes a famous line known to jazz musicians as “the lick,” made famous by a YouTube compilation of professional jazz players all playing the same lick, or small series of notes. The Lick has become somewhat of a jazz meme, but is included in “Invocation” with a more reverent tone. Chris Potter originally played and recorded all of the different parts by himself, but here the parts have been transcribed and recorded by individual DePauw woodwind music majors.”


By Io Hernandez

“This piece was inspired by a great friend, Elena Castro, a current junior at Yale University, who allowed me to create her words into music. Her poem, Hydro-Electric, describes her childhood memories and home in Guatemala with a nostalgic touch. The poem is a strong testament of the complexity of cultures and shows how we often take our memories for granted. The piece gives a storyteller effect to her words and has a running motif of water.”

Bach Partita III: Movement I, II

Performed By Cheridan Ross

Processing: A Musique Concrete In-Progress

By Elena Collins

“This project consists of two parts: (1) a recording of me compiling various sound files into a composition, and (2). the finalized musique concrete composition. My recorded sounds are various clips I have taken on my iphone over the last 3-4 years of myself improvising on piano (as well as a few clips of what I call “background noise”). For this event, I did not want to simply create the composition and submit it: I wanted to show the process of creating it. I wanted to challenge myself to compose (or compile) these sounds in one sitting and accept my finalized product as the end result. Thus, the recording of my computer screen is the only time I worked on editing these files in Audacity, and the finalized piece is complete at the end of the recording.”

Marimba Chorale No. 1

By Abby Foehrkolb

“Marimba Chorale No. 1 is an original piece composed and performed by Abby Foehrkolb. This piece was written nearly a year ago at the start of a difficult time, and it is intended to be a moment of distanced reflection.”

Event Horizons: Written Poem and Audio Music Track

By Amalia Crevani

“Suggestions for the listeners/readers for optimal experience

1) Find a comfy spot

2) Take your time with the poem

3) Start the music

4) Look up at the sky

I have always had a great fascination for the night sky and all things related to outer space. I stumbled across a video on YouTube that simulates a hypothesized visual of what might happen when traversing an event horizon into a black hole ( This curiosity inspired me to write both a poem and an ambient track on this topic, underscoring such a mysterious, unattainable and indescribable experience. The music serves as emphasis for the written poem, coming from the perspective of someone floating alone in space towards an event horizon and into the uncharted territory of a black hole.

If you like my work, have any inquiries and/ would like to check out what else I do, visit my website:

O Magnum Mysterium and Ringtones

By Spektral Quartet

Click the link to navigate to their special art walk website!

Broadcast at The Crossroads

By Lisa Bielawa

“As the DePauw School of Music’s 2021 composer in residence, Lisa Bielawa used text gathered from student responses to prompts such as “What is your uses less superpower?” and questions about pandemic experiences. Each student in the University Symphony Orchestra, University Band, and University Chorus, was given a unique part for their instrument or voice type composed by Bielawa based in prompt responses.

Each student recorded their part alone and Bielawa spliced them together bit by bit, in whatever order she saw fit, to create a fully realized piece. Her piece also includes field recordings from DePauw’s campus that were recorded by students in the 2020 practicum class right before departing campus due to the outbreak of COVID-19.”